onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Digg Says Internal Accounts Were For Testing Purposes, Not Gaming Its Own System

Digg just can't get a break. On the heels of news that the company had to lay off 37% of its staff and saw the departures of both its CRO and CFO, last night a report surfaced alleging that Digg was gaming its own system, ostensibly to favor certain partners. If true, this would have further undermined user trust in the site's democratic voting system, and the evidence was convincing that something out of the ordinary was going on. Now Digg has just responded to this accusation with a blog post that boils down to, "Yes, we do have fake accounts voting up stories, but they're for testing purposes". Here's a relevant excerpt:
Before doing that, I'm going to address a story submitted to Digg that called out activity of a number of our internal test accounts. As with many sites, we continuously run tests on the site to expose vulnerabilities in our own security. In this case, we did have a number of our internal test accounts Digging content from the Upcoming section of the site.


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