söndag 14 november 2010

Firefox is 6 years old today

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On this day, November 9, way back in 2004, Firefox 1.0 launched. On that day, the Internet changed for ever, its makeup indelibly altered. Firefox made the Web more secure, faster, standards-compliant -- and, most importantly, it made the Web open.

Before Firefox there was only Internet Explorer and Netscape -- a war that had no winners and many scrolling marquee losers. Firefox changed everything with its radically different, 'build a better browser and they will come' approach. And today, with some 30% of the market and the richest feature set of any browser, that approach has paid off.

If you have a little time, take a look at the Firefox 1.0 release notes -- it's a fun trip down memory lane. How fast the Internet moves -- it seems like only yesterday that I was holding a Firefox 1.0 launch party in my university bar. We had a banner and everything!

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