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Nanopath is a maze-based brain teaser -- Time-Waster

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In Nanopath, you're a spaceship that has to find its way out of a maze. This isn't about the mystery, though; the exit is in plain sight. The question is how, exactly, you're going to get there.

You see, this spaceship doesn't move in real time. Instead, you plot its course first, and then hit Play to watch it go through the motions. With any luck, you will have planned the course correctly, and your ship will make it through.

However, as you progress through the game, the matter of timing comes into play. Hazards are introduced, and some of them move. There are spinning "arms," which you must avoid, and you have to time your course just right. There are other intricacies, too. For example, on some levels, you need to plot the courses for two spaceships and time them just right in order to keep them from colliding.

Fortunately, after you crash, the course that you just plotted doesn't disappear - you can simply tweak it. So, it's a very iterative game. You plot a course, watch your ship crash, tweak the course a bit, watch your ship crash again, make another correction, and (hopefully) watch your ship go through the maze just like you wanted it to. Some levels require more retries than others, but that only makes it more satisfying in the end.

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