måndag 29 november 2010

Reachin'Pichin is a hopping, kawaii Time Waster


In Reachin'Pichin, you take the role of a genetically engineered creature whose manufacturing process went awry. While that sounds quite ominous, it's really not: you were supposed to be able to fly, but instead, you can merely hop.

Your goal in life (or in the game, at least) is to reach as high into the sky as possible, by leaping from platform to platform. At the beginning of the level you are launched from your lair beneath the surface of the planet. Once you emerge into the beautiful, pastoral air, you only need to move right and left to land on the randomly-placed platforms.

Once you land on a platform, it instantly catapults you upwards. It also vanishes, so you can't land on it again: your only hope is rising high enough, and accurately enough, to reach another platform.

It's not a very easy game, but it's super cute. The character is lovable, and the soundtrack is simply addictive. Loads of fun!

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